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finding the Arlington airport vaccination site

in under one minute..

Spanish narrative

¡Hola! .. Ahora que tiene una cita para la prueba de manejo y el sitio de vacunación en el aeropuerto de Arlington

¡aquí le mostramos cómo encontrar la ubicación!

Covid vaccination site at KAWO


Convoy of Hope at AWO

SnoCo Health District YouTube of Drive-Through testing process


SnoCo Health District appointment web page

WA State Dept of Health web page

a few random KAWO scenes


"The most important road in any city,

is the Runway"

~ One-Six Right

click on any image to enlarge

a few KAWO area aerial 360° views

shared from recent public works projects

mouse or pinch, to spin or zoom

additional KAWO 360° imagery is at:

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